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You’ll find the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use on the site. No use reinventing the wheel when the round shape’s perfectly adequate, so I’m not going to by repeating the whole thing here vertatim. There’s also a page about accessibility over there too, but for your viewing pleasure I’ve summarised the main points below.

Privacy Policy

I don’t like spam – even with loads of sauce, it’s still horrible, and I don’t like it in my mailbox either. The contact form used on this site, as on all of my sites is a super duper secure and joyfully accessible one created by Mike Cherim. It makes sure that if you’re a spammer, you’re well and truly kept out of my mailbox. What information do I collect about you? The form collects only your IP address, your hostname, and a little information about which web browser you’re using. None of that identifies you personally – only your computer. IP addresses are only ever used to track down and squash spammers.

If you put your email address in the contact form or on a comment, it’s well hidden, and the only person who sees it is me. I only use email addresses to contact you to respond to a query, nothing else.

Play Nice

The internet is a place for free speech. These pages are my assorted ramblings, and my opinions alone. You might not always agree with what I say, or comments, and that’s just fine, but if you’re gonna join in the conversation, please play nice, keep it clean, and keep it civil. Personal attacks, racism, sexism or other objectionable material will be edited or removed and you may be banned.


This site uses a WordPress theme developed by Mike Cherim which I’ve hacked about. Mike took great care in ensuring that the theme was accessible, and I’ve tried to ensure it’s kept that way. For your viewing pleasure, below are some handy hints about the site’s accessibility.

  • Images have an Alt attribute describing them unless they are purely decorative
  • There are various methods of resizing text in your browser, and they’re described in full here.
  • For users of keyboard navigation, the site has hidden jump links that can be activated on a page by hitting the tab key. As if by magic the links will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen.


All content on the site is copyrighted, as described in the Terms of Use page. You may link to content or copy it as long as you provide full credit. Copyright includes all of the images on this site, which have either been created by me, or are licenced for use on this site only. Thinking about hot-linking? Don’t even think about it – hot-linking is bandwidth theft, which I do not take kindly to. You really don’t want to see me angry.


Comments on this site are the responsibility of their writers, and any advice followed due to them is at your own risk.

All trademarks, copyrights or registered names used or cited by this site are the property of their respective owners.

In short, though I do not intend to offend, as with all my sites, to quote a friend of mine, the following advice applies: “My domain, my bandwidth, and I pay the bills. If you don’t like it, you know where the “back” button is.”

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