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Blame culture gone mad

Posted August 6th, 2009 by Rachel

These days it seems as though there has to be a reason for everything, and someone has to be to blame for everything in life that goes wrong. Fall over in the street? Sue the council because the pavement was uneven! Minor road accident with a dented bumper? Sue the other driver for post traumatic [...]

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Royal Mail, bloody postmen, and delivery people!

Posted August 6th, 2009 by Rachel

This morning I went out. I was out for less than an hour, but during that time Mr Postie decided to come calling with a parcel for me. Now our old postman we had trained, but unfortunately he died last year. Since then we’ve had a string of different ones, and no sooner do you [...]

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I’m back!

Posted July 26th, 2009 by Rachel

Okay, so far I’ve done appallingly at my goal of posting every day. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve well and truly failed in my new year’s resolution. As usual my absence can be explained by the continuing medical dramas in my life and me generally feeling crap. My medical adventures over the [...]

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Coming round again

Posted January 4th, 2009 by Rachel

…New Year’s revolutions resolutions, that is. I don’t know what happened to the last year, but it disappeared far too damned quickly for my liking, but here we are anyway, the start of a new year, and it’s that time of year when we make lists of all the things we’re going to do, and [...]

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End of year catch-up

Posted December 29th, 2008 by Rachel

Well, I’ve just realised I’ve managed to go almost the whole of December without posting anything, so, apart from a big “Merry Christmas!” to one and all, a quick catch-up on what’s been going on around here recently…what can I say expect the past few weeks have been crazy since I went back to work [...]

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All about me

Posted November 5th, 2008 by Rachel

Finding myself with a few minutes to spare tonight, I happened to chance upon one of those online personality test things. Usually they’re utter crap, but as I wasn’t doing particularly much else, and the results of the US elections haven’t started coming in yet, I thought, “What the hell!” This is what it said [...]

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Signing out

Posted October 22nd, 2008 by Rachel

Well, on Monday came the good news that the plan’s still for me to go in on Thursday – no nasty heparin infusion! Yay for me! Stopped the warfarin from Monday, so hopefully my INR should be just about where they want it by now. I’ve packed my Coaguchek machine, as instructed. Hopefully the combination [...]

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Wrestling treacle

Posted October 10th, 2008 by Rachel

Yesterday Mr Postie arrived with a package for me. It was a “light tent” I’d bought on eBay for photographic purposes. It’s basically a bendy wire frame, covered with a nylon type material that diffuses light, and also, with the provided backdrops, provides a plain covered backdrop for photographing objects and eBay items etc. The [...]

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Word of the day: fettle

Posted September 30th, 2008 by Rachel

Okay, so I can’t think of anything new or exciting to post today (I’ve not stabbed myself with any more sharp objects recently ), so I’m introducing a new feature – it’s called “Word of the Day”, and is based on the word of the day on, and today’s word is…“fettle.” fettle \FET-l\, noun: [...]

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This time I mean it

Posted September 27th, 2008 by Rachel

Okay, so I said at the end of August that I was back…and then kinda disappeared again! What can I say! Circumstances overtook me, and as usual life for the past few weeks has been crazy (even crazier than usual). A couple of weeks ago though I made two big decisions after ending up staying [...]

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