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Coming round again

Posted January 4th, 2009 by Rachel

…New Year’s revolutions resolutions, that is. I don’t know what happened to the last year, but it disappeared far too damned quickly for my liking, but here we are anyway, the start of a new year, and it’s that time of year when we make lists of all the things we’re going to do, and [...]

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Gatecrashers inside my head

Posted March 30th, 2008 by Bliss

My apologies for the recent absence of Rachel, but for now you’re stuck with me, Bliss, on account of Rachel’s brain having taken an unscheduled vacation. It’s a little difficult to tell the difference sometimes… Anyhow, here I am, at long last ready to re-commence work on “Fallen Angel”, and what happens? A couple of [...]

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Writing the wrongs

Posted March 7th, 2008 by Bliss

It’s taken some time, but I’ve finally figured out where the problem is, or rather, where the problems are, with Fallen Angel. It’s fifteen years since the inception of Fallen Angel – fifteen years! I can hardly believe it sometimes. Fifteen years and I’m still only up to Chapter 7 and currently on re-draft #4. [...]

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