Coming round again

Posted January 4th, 2009 by Rachel

…New Year’s revolutions resolutions, that is. I don’t know what happened to the last year, but it disappeared far too damned quickly for my liking, but here we are anyway, the start of a new year, and it’s that time of year when we make lists of all the things we’re going to do, and then totally fail to do them.

I’ve never really been much into new year’s resolutions, but this year decided that I shall make a list of my aims and goals for the year. It goes something like this…

  1. I aim to spend absolutely no time in hospital this year. None. Zero days. In 2007 I managed a grand total of 1 month in hospital, which is a bit excessive, even for me! 2008 I fared better and spent only 4 days as a resident of one of the NHS’s best establishments. For 2009 I’m aiming to get that down to 0 days, on the grounds that one of these years it’s got to happen! Routine clinic appointments and such like obviously don’t count, but we’re aiming for no time as an inpatient.
  2. I shall be aiming to write something here every day.
  3. (Bliss will like this one) Possibly doing some form of writing on one of my various creative projects every day is asking a bit much, and some days time commitments, prior engagements, and falling asleep at strange times due to the damned buprenorphine, make committing to creative writing every day a bit of a tall order. Instead I shall say that I will commit to doing some form of creative writing on a weekly basis. As I have a habit of starting off new projects before I’ve finished previous ones, I shall start no more until all my current projects are finished. So that I make some progress on all of them, I’m going to be trying to do some word on each every week. Every year for the past four years I’ve said “This is the year for Fallen Angel” (long term novel project first started when I was in college, rather a long time ago now), but this year, though I’m not committing to finishing it (a couple of shorter projects that require less research will probably get finished first), I shall make significant in-roads into getting it well on the way to getting there.
  4. I will make time to read every day. I did make significant progress on this towards the end of 2008 after I drew up a list of “must read” books and went shopping at Amazon, and am pleased to report I actually managed to finish two books in the space of a month, which is a first since IIH struck. Reading’s still pretty hard going at times (it’s a lot easier to read on screen where you can resize text as necessary), but I’m determined to keep up with reading, as not only is it good for the soul, but it’s also a prerequisite for successful writing – read a lot, and write a lot.
  5. I shall not ignore emails in my inbox and let them pile up so it takes hours to wade through them all and to reply to them where appropriate, file as necessary, or otherwise dispose of (as I ended up doing yesterday, trying to clear the backlog going back to October!
  6. Finally, I’m going to be me. Not the me everyone thinks I ought to be, or thinks I am, but the me I know I am, and that means no more hiding behind stuff and actually getting back to being what I want to be. Again, I made significant in-roads in progress on that in 2008, and I shall continue that in 2009. If everyone else doesn’t like it – tough!

And finally…


happy new year

(Another one of my PDN creations)

One Response to: “Coming round again”

  1. Carol Yates responds:
    Posted: February 21st, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    What happened to the once a week post resolution? nah, scratch that…resolutions are made to be broken which is why I don’t bother, too much effort in thinking them up!

    Thanks for the lovely broach you sent me for Chrissie- I know this is so tardy of me but I have been waiting for him indoors to thank you for the screwdriver torch…he uses it a lot and keeps threatening to thank you, but there you go, he’s a he so what can you expect?

    So big thanks from both of us and a happy new year (hospital-less) to you.
    Caz & Donkey

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