End of year catch-up

Posted December 29th, 2008 by Rachel

Well, I’ve just realised I’ve managed to go almost the whole of December without posting anything, so, apart from a big “Merry Christmas!” to one and all, a quick catch-up on what’s been going on around here recently…what can I say expect the past few weeks have been crazy since I went back to work and there aren’t enough hours in the day. So, what’s been going on?

Update on my shunt(s)

Well my attempt at chronicalling my recovery from the op kind of ground to a sudden halt. Once I’d initially got over the op I got dug into finishing off a long overdue website for my cousin’s BMX club which was a race against time to get it finished in time for the launch of the club’s brand new racing track. Got there in the end though, and barring a few minor tweaks and the usual maintenance stuff it’s pretty much okay and my cousin’s highly delighted with the end result. I aims to please! :-D

sticking plaster

The stitches in my abdominal wound after the op were slightly problematic, in that when the district nurse tried to take them out, she only got as far as one before deciding my stuffing was liable to come out if she took out any more, and left them in a bit longer. They were in for the full 14 days limit before the body decides they’re most definitely a foreign object and protests, but all was well, and it’s healed very well, infact you pretty much can’t see the scar now already unless you know where to look, and it’s only a couple of months since the op!

As usual after shunt revision surgery involving the distal catheter (the one that goes into the abdomen) I’ve had the usual variety of weird abdominal pains that move around and shift (very amusing game guessing where the next one’s going to pop up!) but they’re settling down, and I only get them occasionally now. ¬†At one point a few weeks ago I was getting some very weird and painful pains in my chest/abdomen/shoulder and was worried that I might have another pulmonary embolism, especially as I’d been off warfarin for a week before the op and then my INR had been way lower than it should have been for weeks afterwards (it’s gone the other way now, and it’s now way too high!), but it turned out to be some weird virus that was doing the rounds which my doc said was causing pleuritic type pain with a lot of people.

I saw my surgeon a couple of weeks ago, and he was very happy with my progress. He’d been slightly concerned about the abdominal wound healing well because he’d had to trim it before stitching, presumably because of all the previous scar tissue, but was very pleased with the result. Unless I have any further problems (fingers crossed!) he doesn’t want to see me for another year – yay! Still waiting for the referral/appointment for a new neurologist, not only to monitor me from an IIH point of view, but to investigate the left side weakness I’ve developed, and he’s going to chase that up for me.

My INR’s still going haywire, as it always does after I’ve been off the warfarin for any reason, and takes ages to settle down again. I’m still needing INR checks every week or so, as it’s either going way too low or way too high, and doesn’t seem to want to stay in range for any length of time. *sigh* Still also waiting for a decision as well from the PCT as to whether they’re going to let my GP prescribe the testing strips for the self-testing machine. *sigh* That’s something I really need to chase up in the new year.

Meanwhile I’ve been having other health related problems (you wouldn’t think there was much else left for me to get, and that I’ve already used up all of the conditions known by TLA (three letter acronyms), but no!) and I’m hoping to get a referral to a specialist in the new year. More on that later though.

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